Welcome to Swimrunners Finland

Welcome to Swimrunners Finland Ry

“We don’t stop for Water..”

The year 2020 is slowly coming to an end. Although not easy, we made an attempt to capture some of the swimrun emotions in a short slide show (video). We hope you like it. SRF wishes you a Merry Christmas and a warm 2021 swimrun season. Thomas & Jasmina

SRF 2020 Swimrun Season Highlights
Swimrun – a genuine team sport (Courtesy of Folkhälsan SR)

Swimrun is the ultimate team sport where you alternate between running and swimming. In a wetsuit you follow a marked course in a lake or coastal (sea) setting. Every swim and run section is different making each course a unique experience. Tough or easy it’s entirely up to you!

Swimrun on joukkuelaji jossa vaihdellaan uinti-ja juoksuosuuksia luontoa mukaillen. Juoksuosuudet seuraavat (enemmän tai vähemmän) merkittyä rataa ja kun eteen tulee meri tai järvi on aika uida seuraavalle reittimerkille. Jokainen juoksu-ja uintiosuus on erilainen ja eri pituinen ja tämä tekee jokaisesta kisareitistä erityisen. Rankkaa vai helppoa? Up to you!

Founded in October 2019, Swimrunners Finland Ry (SRF) is a non-profit organisation with the aim to promote the sport of swimrun in Finland. Managed by swimrunners, it is for those who are keen to get familiar with the sport and for those who are willing to collaborate with us. We facilitate and organise different types of events ranging from group training sessions, workshops, equipment try outs and public promotion.

“Swimrunners Finland ry (SRF) on lokakuussa 2019 perustettu yleishyödyllinen yhdistys jonka päätehtävä on edistää swimrun urheilua Suomessa. Swimrunners Finland on kaikille jotka haluavat tutustua lajiin, nostaa lajin tasoa ja olla mukana rakentamassa Suomen swimrun yhteisöä. Järjestämme erilaisia lajia edistäviä tapahtumia harjoituksia, workshoppeja, varustekokeiluja jne.”

We are keen to work with any individual, organisation or company who shares our ambition to develop a sustainable swimrun “footprint” in Finland. We have collaboration initiatives ongoing with different SR event organisers and our partners: HEAD, SWIMRUNNERS™ and Nosht Energy. Our mission is to make the sport visible and accessible to everyone.

Toivotamme kaikki tervetulleiksi mukaan jakamaan tavoitteemme kehittää kestävä swimrun “jalanjälki” Suomessa. Teemme yhteistyötä kilpailujen järjestäjien kanssa ja tämän hetkiset yhteistyökumppanimme ovat: HEAD, SWIMRUNNERS™ ja Nosht Energy. Missiomme on tehdä lajista näkyvä ja kaikille saavutettava

SRF News Flash


30 Oct – Swimrun by Night in Nuuksio National park. Distance 9km of which three short swims. 16 brave participants took on the challenge. Using refeflectors in combination with a headlight people had to navigate through the forest under a full moon sky. Everybody started and finished. The reward: trailer sauna and pancakes. Here’s the link to the post containing videos and photos of the event

Stars of the event…Petteri Laiti, Janne Räsänen and Nini the swimrun dog!

5 September – SRF Porkkala swimrun photos and videos are here!!! Thanks for joining us. It was great to see so many rohkeita swimrunnners in the stormy sea! Click on this link to open up the post.

Meiko national park – swamp

28 July – Interested in trying swamp running to build functional muscle strength or have you never been on a 400m athletics track to run 200m flat out. Watch this space to boost your SR fitness for the upcoming swimrun races in August! Check out our Swimrunners Finland FB group page. Today (28 july) track workout in Leppävaara, 5th of August: Folkhälsan SR training day.

20 July – The annual ÖtillÖ Swimrun World Championships in Sweden are canceled for this year (2020). Find more information by clicking on the following link.

18 July – SRF 4th swimrun event in Meiko was a success in the sense that we had more first time swimrunners than ever before. Team Beanit also added some extra flavor to “the party” by handing out free taste samples of their plant based granola cereal.

15 July – SRF is a non-profit with the aim to promote the sport of swimrun. All our events are 100% volunteer based and either free or offered at a very low entry fee. By wearing a Swimrunners Finland vest you contribute by making the sport visible to the general public and clarify that we’re not divers, triathletes or openwater swimmers. Are you a swimrunner? Then order a vest for 14 euros by contacting us (by email: swimrunnersfinland@gmail.com). Also, realise that by purchasing a vest you help to support the SRF organisation to cover (some of) the cost. Kiitos.

13 June – Third edition of the SRF weekend race in Vaakkoi. Check out the photo gallery. Soon we also include the GPX course for those who were not able to participate.

6 June – Second edition of SRF weekend race held in Nuuksio. This time we have a marked course of approximately 12km’s with 5 swims. The shortest swim is 100m and the longest 500m. Check out this post for all relevant information. Post event photos, video’s and gpx course map click here!


30 May – SRF first swimrun event in Nuuksio! In case you missed it please click on the post for some stunning visual impressions and the gpx course map.

15-16 August – We are very happy to work with Åland Swimrun this year. Check out the post for more information on the workshop. There are limited spots available so please don’t wait too long before deciding to sign up.

Training & Gear

Want to be a Swimrunner? We can help you with training guidelines, Do’s & Don’t, basic equipment (set-up) and race preparation!

Check out our latest post about pacing & energy management* in our informative blog corner. (*SRF members will have a first readers right access to the latest blog).


Swimrun Info
courtesy Tero Koski

Looking for information about swimrun? Evolution, common rules, safety and environment, swimrun etiquette & anti-doping, tips & tricks, useful contacts and links, facts and figures, Finnish teams in ÖtillÖ, common injury prevention & treatment and nutrition.

Races in Finland

Are you an entry level or seasoned swimrunner? There is a race for everyone! “Tough, easy, lakes, sea, rocks, trails”…just pick and choose one. There is a direct link and a video for each swimrun event. Race.se is where you also find all major Finnish swimrun races. Check it out.


Somebody in a plane once said: “Finland is a Swimrunner’s Paradise” Just look outside your window: “Thousands of beautiful ISLAND’s on the left and thousands of beautiful LAKES on the right…what a luxury problem


15-16 August2 day Swimrun Workshop with Åland Swimrun. Join us for a great event in beautiful nature and first class training facilities. Check out the post for more information. Note: SRF members will receive a 10% discount.

Community News

“The Voice of Swimrun!”

In this section we give credit to Ambassadors of the Sport, conduct interviews with swimrun athletes from all levels, up close with passionate event organisers, pay tribute to key members and talented volunteers. Whoever you want us to interview, we will try to arrange it!

“`We cannot train alone and expect to run a fast time. There is a formula: 99% of me is NOTHING compared to the 1% of the whole team” (´Eliud Kipchoge)

Quote of the Month

Training mantra from one of Finnish best swimrun Teams:

”Aina ei voi olla hyvä olla”…

“It cannot always feel good”…

Courtesy of Jaakko and Ville (aka Mäkelä brothers)

Looking for a swimrun volunteer or a compatible swimrun partner? Do you have swimrun equipment for sale or ready to share with others? We will create a members only forum to facilitate this process.

Event of the month”…Åland Swimrun

Courtesy of Åland swimrun
About Us

Swimrunners Finland (SRF) is a non-profit organisation to promote the sport of swimrun in Finland. We work together with race organisers, partners, coaches and volunteers. Our aim is to lower the threshold for people to try out swimrun

Get In Touch

We will help you get started with questions related to swimrun equipment, training, or event info. Even if you’re without partner, contact us for information about our (group) training initiatives or simply become a member and (automatically) receive our SRF News Letter providing an update on recent developments in the (Finnish) swimrun community.

email: swimrunnersfinland@gmail.com
Mob: +358 40 9527479

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Join us and become an active swimrun member or volunteer. Alternatively you can simply support this initiative by becoming a sponsor or contributor in the areas of: photography, coaching, website content, swimrun equipment / services, event reporting, networking, fund raiser, admin or event coordination)

Receive a free TRIMTEX headband and enjoy purchase discount deals offered by our partners: HEAD, Nosht Energy and SWIMRUNNERS™

Our 2020 collaborative partners are: SWIMRUNNERS™

Swimrunners tailor-made products include: Pull buoy, support belt plus tow line

Nosht Energy

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HEAD Retailer (sportextreme.com)

HEAD swimrun wetsuit my Boost Pro
Courtesy of Tero Koski

Swimrun….”Moving at the Interface between Water and Air”

“Please note that this website is a Work in Progress and some of the links may be under development or maintenance. Thanks for your patience and understanding. In addition, if there is anything you think is inappropriate than please contact the SRF Team by sending an email to: swimrunnersfinland@gmail.com