Interview with Team Kumiukot

Interview with Teemu Lemmettylä and Teemu Toivanen Teemu and Teemu represent Team Kumiukot directly translated into English using google translate it stands for: “Rubber Intakes”. Ofcourse that doesn’t make any sense so in Finnish in means: “Old men in rubber”…These funny Finnish guys who are so down to earth and easy going that it’s hard to imagine that they are actually one of the best swimrun teams out there. They have been steadily improving their position in ÖtillÖ over the years so last week I took some time and asked them a few questions about their approach to competitive swimrun racing.

What in your view are the 5 most important training aspects in swimrun to reach the top 10 in ÖtillÖ?

“We both have big lifetime mileage. With that we can cut out quite a lot of mileage related to swimrun training :)We both have a triathlon background so we have a good base for both disciplines.Train like a swimrunner! Not only swimrun training, but you have to take care of you running and swimming shape outside of the forest!Work with your racing kit. One of the key things to success is to have competitive equipment. We have made significant improvements in our swimming after changing to the biggest possible pull buoy after new rules came. Our old pull buoys were way too small.Teamwork! We have started to understand better how to deal with the strength and weaknesses of eachother to obtain better team results. For this years ÖtillÖ we only trained 3 times together so its definitely an area for us where there is still a lot to gain to become even faster.”

”Can you give 3 tips on how you plan (periodise) your training and what you focus on for each period to prepare for a race like ÖtillÖ?“

This is a little bit difficult. Basically we both do whatever for 10 months and then we have 8 weeks left for specific preparation to ÖtillÖ.But my guess is that having good general preparation during winter. I would recommend lot of cross country skiing. After lakes are open, a lot of swimming in and out of the pool with good running mileage in and out of the trails. Last 8 to 12 week solid rising plan to the main event.Trail running and of course other swimrun races are good for preparation. But plan races in to your training plan to get best benefits. Double poling during winter might be good also beneficial. It is a very easy way to do over 4 hours upper body training and build the base.

Finally, how would you describe your swimrun partner and why there is a click?

“We have trained together last 20 years, so Teemu is all we know!”

Finally, what are your plans for next year?

“TOP 5 in ÖtillÖ”

Thanks very much guys and who knows maybe I join you for a massive pre-race kebab, it seems to work wonders.

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