8 Feb – SRF Board Meeting

Very pleased about our first Board Meeting. We (Jasmina, Thomas, Henriika, Piia) had a very open discussion about a number of topics ranging from social media (website and facebook), past and future workshop events with DT65 and SHT, Workshop events for Folkhälsan swimrun and Åland swimrun, membership package set-up, partnership collaboration agreement discussions with HEAD, SWIMRUNNERS and NOSHT.

Furthermore we talked about SRF promotion and marketing initiatives such as representation at Expo’s and public events such as Kirkkonummi Päivät and the concept of Ambasadors of the sport. Future organisation set-up in terms of open positions, current and future trends in swimrun. We reviewed the Ry accounts balance sheets agreeing on all incurred cost items ranging from: website and domain name registration fee’s, training facilities rental at Scandic, cost of fabricating Trimtex headbands and roll-up banner purchase through flyer alarm. Then we compared this against received income through our workshop events.

One board member who is not on the photo is Laura Tevilin. She will take care of accounting and book keeping whereas Piia Doyle will be responsible for promotion and marketingactivities.

Last but not least we brain stormed about plans to organise specific SRF events such as: equipment demo trials representing our sponsors products(HEAD, Swimrunners and Nosht), practical outdoor workshops and a “fun introduction to swimrun” event.

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