Max Andersson

4th of April – A few days ago SRF had a chat with Max Andersson, key account manager for Sweden & Scandinavia from website:

For those who do not know: is a digital platform where race organisers meet participants for endurance races around the world. Are you a participant looking for your next race or a race organiser looking to outsource marketing, registration or administrative burden of your event, this is the place to be. Different low cost and tailored solutions are possible depending on the size and character of your swimrun event.

As far as swimrun events is concerned there are now a number of swimrun race organisers that use to promote their events including: ÖtillÖ and Rockman to name a few. Promotion can mean anything from straight forward marketing all the way up to outsourcing registration and other key admin functions.

The good news is that we were told that Folkhälsan swimrun and Åland swimrun also have an agreement in place with for 2020. As far as visibility is concerned, so far no other Finnish swimrun events had been included in the global race calendar of so we kindly asked Max if they could adopt the other major Finnish swimrun events in their calendar which hosts over 700 races worldwide.

So, as of today if you type “Finland” and “swimrun” in the search bar you will also get the other seven swimrun races, including: Pikonlinna, Midnight Sun swimrun, Stömfors swimrun, Lake to Lake swimrun, Kuopio swimrun, Kajaani swimrun and Saimaa swimrun in the calendar.

Thanks for helping out to promote Finnish swimrun events and make them visible to the world.

Max told us that has the ambition to become the number one meeting place for anyone who wants to participate in a an endurance race, which means that what you see on the site is just the beginning of our journey. The goal is for you to be able to collect your results, register for your race and challenge your friends. All in one place in a platform that you can reach whether you are sitting at a computer, mobile or tablet.

In a way and SRF have a common goal which is to promote existing events and lower the threshold to generate new ones so that more people in each country can enjoy this team sport. With over 200 events in Sweden, we (in Finland) have some catching up to do but with the right mindset, we will get there eventually.

So, if you’re a swimrun event organiser or you have the ambition to become one think twice and know that there are platforms out there like to make life easier. You don’t necessarily have to do everything yourself. can help out as far as the administrative part is concerned and it does not have to cost a fortune. Want to know more feel free to get in touch with our easy going Swedish neighbor, Max. Here are his contact details:

Max Andersson, Kundansvarig

tel: + 46 73 037 0277



For a more info please download the attached presentation about but you will get a lot more out of it, by simply picking up the phone.

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