Åland Swimrun Workshop

Date:15-16 August 2020

The islands of Åland are absolutely stunning. Not surprisingly Åland swimrun has everything a swimrunner can wish for. Rough and untouched nature combined with first class facilities and organisation. For this reason Swimrunners Finland decided to hook-up with the race organisers (Hubbe and Ia) to collaborate and organise a 2 day workshop for anybody who has an affinity with swimming, running and beautiful nature. The event is on Saturday and Sunday so it’s an ideal opportunity for a long (family) weekend holiday. See the Workshop flyer below for more information. For those who have never been able to participate in the ÖtillÖ swimrun world championships Åland Swimrun (Tough Enough) is as close as you get to experience a true openwater swimrun race with long exposed swims and with a total distance of 51km’s of which 9,3km is swimming. The workshop will help you to prepare for technical trail running and openwater swimming.

You can find all the relevant information on the following website: http://www.swimrun.ax/workshop-2020/. Such as workshop content, pricing, facilities, location, accommodation, etc.

Registration is also done through the Åland swimrun website and best of all Swimrunners Finland members will receive an email with a 10% discount code for this event. Don’t wait too long before signing up, the event is limited to 20 participants max. Check out the video below to leave a first but lasting impression.

Participants of the wordshop will have the opportunity to try out HEAD Demo swimrun wetsuits, SWIMRUNNERS paddles, pull buoys, goggles and pull cords. If that was not enough we also have free “all natural” energy samples from Nosht

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