Interview with Kaisa Sali – Nosht Energy Ambassador

May 14th – Nosht is a partner of Swimrunners Finland. Together we share the passion for Nature & Endurance Sport. In the interview below Kaisa gives her valuable experience on using Nosht energy in triathlon and swimrun events.

Interview with Kaisa Sali – Nosht Ambassador (Leppäväärä swimming hall)

Kaisa, you told us that you used Nosht energy in your epic triathlon race in IRONMAN KONA last year right? Can you tell us a bit more about your energy and nutrition plan for this race? What were your main concerns? How did you resolve it? Where did Nosht help you achieve this?

Yes, nearly all my nutrition consisted of Nosht energy gels, energy chews and endurance drink mix. In addition to these Nosht products I used only a couple of other brands caffeinated gels and a little bit of extra salt, but mainly everything I ate was Nosht. I would have not liked to do anything else as I really enjoy the taste of our products and even more importantly I know exactly for example that the combination of glucose:fructose is optimal in our energy gels and chews and that our Endurance drink mix is the best possible product for keeping up the hydration levels in very challenging hot conditions.

We did calculate my goals for both the hydration and energy and for last years Kona my goals were 1) on the bike 70 g carbs + 1,2 l liquid + 1200 mg natrium / hour 2) on the run 50 g carbs + 0,8 l liquid + 800 mg natrium. I had had some very challenging gut issues in many previous Ironman distance races so my main goal was to keep the body energized and hydrated without risking the gut to get mad and in this the Nosht products were great!

Nosht main product line: Energy chews, Hydration mix, Protein bites

So, for those not familiar with using Nosht products there are three main products: energy chews (comparable to a gel), energy bites (comparable to a bar) and hydration powder to be mixed with water to form your energy drink. For swimrun where you constantly alternate between swimming and running do you recommend to use all three products during a race?  In other words what does each product do to your performance? What are the key differences? In what way is Nosht different to other commercial energy products?

In a swimrun race I think the main products to use are the Endurance Drink mix to keep you hydrated and energy gels and chews to keep up the carbohydrate levels. Endurance drink mix is an optimal hydration drink as it contains plenty of salt but only a little bit of carbs so that those do help with the absorption of water, but so that the drink is still hypotonic, which is very important for avoiding the gut issues.

The energy gels and chews are basically the same product in slightly different form. They both contain easily digestible carbohydrates and in addition the ratio of glucose:fructose is optimal for fast and easy absorption. There is also some salt in both products. In addition the amount of real fruits and berries in Nosht products is huge compared to most other similar commercial brands.

Our protein bites are a great snack before or after exercise or during long easy sessions. They contain some healthy nuts and seeds, vege proteins and real berries and fruit so they are a pretty complete energy source whenever you need a snack.

For the moment there is no caffeine in any of your products, right? Is this going to change or is there a specific reason why this is? 

Now we do have caffeine in three of our energy gels – caffe mocha, ginger & lemon and lemon Ice Tea! For example in one piece of caffe mocha there is as much caffeine as in a small cup of espresso so it really helps with waking you up!

Nosht Energy chew – Lemon Iced Tea – containing caffeine

Most of the ordinary energy products are packaged in one off sachets. Sometimes people put the gel contents of these sachets in a soft flask to save space and not having so much packaging material to get rid off. Can the same thing be done with the Nosht energy chews which at the moment are packaged in a plastic wrap?

At the moment we have a gel bottle which contains 5 ordinary gel servings and our energy chews are packed in a plastic wrap including 3 servings. The idea behind this is to reduce the amount of waste and to find more sustainable ways for packaging than the one off sachets. You can put our gels in soft flasks and our chews in whatever pack or pocket you do have! For example when I was using the chews in a race I did cut those to even smaller pieces and put in a small silicone bag.

Any other exciting developments or new products in the pipeline from Nosht that we should know about?

We are constantly developing some new products, for example during this winter I have been working in our kitchen with some exciting before and after workout vege protein snacks! We do also warmly welcome all the ideas about some new products or about how we could make the products we already have even better so if you have something in your mind do not hesitate to contact us at! (Kaisa Sali)

left: Raspberry & Lemon energy chew right: four different flavor taste sample chews SRF will hand out at events .

Thanks Kaisa for your valuable (gut friendly) insight as far as nutrition is concerned. We wish you a speedy recovery from your shoulder operation and welcome you any time to try out a swimrun race in Finland.

Nosht is an official partner of Swimrunners Finland. Members get a 15% discount on their first Nosht webshop purchase. We aim to offer a sample taste experience for participants at SRF organised events.

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