SRF Viikkokisa #2 – Nuuksio Solvalla

Date: 6 jun (rolling start 9:30 – 10:30)

Course total length: 11,3km including 5 swims (longest: 500m / shortest: 100m)

Route: race follows part of the Folkhälsan swimrun sprint course (special thanks to Heikki Kiili for exploring and marking the course with us).

Click on the link to see the course in Google Maps.

Race results:

  1. Adrian Pollard (Solo) 1:29
  2. Henrika Backlund & Janne Nohkola (Mixed) 1:35
  3. Eva-Lotta Backman & Janne Räsänen (Mixed) 1:39
  4. Jyrki and Kati Tamivuori / Tero Koski (Trio) 1:44
  5. Pekka Viita & Terhi Nyberg (Mixed) 1:45
  6. Arno Glöckner (Solo) 1:48
  7. Jarkko Myllymäki & Maarit Venesmäki (Mixed) 1:50
  8. Jaakko Pajunen & Janne Virtanen (Men) 1:52
  9. Petteri Laiti & Niini dog (Mixed) 1:53
  10. Hyvinkään stoppari & Janne Liimatainen (Men) 2:04
  11. Tero Leppänen (Solo) 2:26
  12. Eeva Liesirova and Aura Tiainen and Marika Alhonen (Trio) 2:30

(Note: these are indicative times only and not official)

“We’re only happy when it rains”….

Last week we had 12 people participating in our first swimrun race in Haukkalampi when it was sunny all day. Last weekend, despite the heavy rain and wind we had 22 people and “Niini the dog” participating in the second race of the viikokisat series.

We had a bunch of very colorful people on the (rolling) startline and had to introduce new category names for people (and animals) racing together. Meet two “Trio” teams: Kati, Jyrki and Tero and an All Womens team consisting of: Eva, Aura and Marika. Then we had Petteri with his (female) dog Niini who we can only be categorised under Mixed (as we don’t discriminate against animals….).

“Hero of the day” was Adrian Pollard who arrived on the parking lot last minute but managed to fly through the course to finish first with a brand new course record of 1hr26′. Find below some videos of the event.

Special thanks to Kati and Jyrki who volunteered to spend the afternoon in the forest picking up around 400 marking poles!

Thanks Mummi (who turned 79 on race day) and Elvin for taking care of each other and the Nosht Energy Station supplies.

Finally thanks for our partners: HEAD (Linus and Stefan) for the tents….we would not have kept it dry without them! Nosht for providing energy on the course and finally SWIMRUNNERS for helping out with paddles, pull buoys and other swimrun gear. People tried and tested different models and sizes of pull buoys!

Enough said…find below a random selection of event photos! Enjoy. See you next week.

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