IMPORTANT information for Swimrunners:

SIPE also known as Swimming-Induced Pulmonary Edema is a potentially lifethreating condition which can lead to an acute breathlesness of athletes. SIPE occurs when fluid accumulates in the lungs in the absence of water aspiration during swimming, causing acute shortness of breath and a cough productive of blood-tinged sputum. Now here’s the thing for swimrunners: 1) avoid wearing tight & thick wetsuits that restrict blood flow to the extremities (use a swimrun specific wetsuit that is thinner and avoid using triathlon or pure open water wetsuits which are designed for a horizontal position only!)
2) ALWAYS open up your wetsuit at the start of any run section if not, it can make symptoms worse! Even when you feel cold just zip open the chest section.
3) When you practise swimrun on your own be aware that SIPE feels like you’re drowning so never forget to take your safety buoy with you! It’s for your own good. 4) In cold water conditions always perform a proper warm-up. Before a race avoid spending time in the water waiting for the gun to go off. Better to get in and out of the water and do a proper warm-up on land followed by retaining body heath by wearing a dry robe or warm insulated jacket to reduce impact of wind chill. The idea is to heat up the waterfilm around your skin in your wetsuit before getting into the water to start your race.

Tip: when you buy a new swimrun wetsuit make sure you wear a top under neath filled with 10 gels, a soft flask and an emergency kit. You need this extra bit of chest space for a reason.

Don’t forget to take your safety buoy with you. The brighter you are in the water the better! Wear a Swimrunners Finland vest to improve visibility and avoid looking like a seal….(or bait for even bigger fish..:-)

Any questions or doubts about safe openwater swimming contact us or check out thd links below.

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