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The Voice of Swimrun – In this section we will cover local trends, interviews with swimrunners, event organisers and partners, Introduce Ambassadors of the Sport, cover TEAM Swimrunners Finland, thank key contributors, issue or link race reports, inform SRF updates, expo news and latest swimrun equipment trends. From time to time SRF will capture the main developments in a News Letter which will be distributed automatically to your email address (when you become an SRF Member.)

2020 Interviews

(latest first)

  • May – Interview with Kaisa SaliNosht Ambasador about energy nutrition in triathlon and swimrun
  • April – Interview with Max Andersson from about promoting swimrun events in Finland
  • March – Interview with Tero Koski our first Ambassador of the Sport!
  • March – Short interview with Matias Hilden (Race organiser) about swimrun and ring seals in lake Saimaa
  • Jan – Interview with Søren Engholm and Maj-Britt Klok of SWIMRUNNERS™ SRF first official partner
  • Jan – Interview with Hubertus Von Frenckell (Race Director from Åland swimrun)

2019 Interviews

  • Interview with George Bjälkemo from ATG Sport. 2019 ÖtillÖ winner with Pontus Lindberg in Men’s category. Training tips and Tricks
  • Interview with Simon Hilo race director of Pikonlinna swimrun
  • Interview with Mäkelä brothers (Ville and Jaakko) about preparation for a swimrun
  • Interview with Team Kumiukot (Teemu Toivonen and Teemu Lemmettylä) about their training philosophy

Ambassadors of the Sport

Passionate people who promote swimrun by organising events, sharing information or offering support by means of collaboration, they deserve to be known. There are different categories (and persons) we would like to consider:

  1. Experience and Knowledge Sharing

2. Swimrun event coordination initiatives such as group training sessions

3. Swimrun Social Media platform

4. Expertise Contribution in different areas ranging from photography to reporting

5. Collaboration Exchange Projects

Courtesy Tero Koski

The SRF Team is proud to anounce our first Ambassador of the Sport in the category of Volunteer (expertise contribution) Subcategory: photography: Tero Koski. Not only because he has helped SRF out with stunning photos for this website but also because he has been instrumental in visualizing swimrun events and Finnish nature since the beginning. So, we thought we gave him the credit he deserves by asking him the following six questions about his drive and motivation:

1) what kind of message do you want to give the audience when you are shooting at a swimrun event and can you tell us a bit more about how you manage to achieve that time after time?

2) How do you prepare for these events, do you check out the course in advance to find the perfect spot? Do you bring every camera you can find or just one? What are the selection criteria you use to make these decisions?

3) What do you like about swimrun photography and what got you started to combine swimrun with photography?

4) Is it difficult to shoot underwater and what advise do you have for people interested in this kind of swimrun spin-off activity.

5) What for you entails a good swimrun photo and why? How far do you go to get that perfect shot?

6) Do you have a funny story to share with us where something “funny” happened? Can you send 3 of your favorite SR photos and tell us why they are special to you.

Curious to know his answers and his favorite photos, click here. Feel free to share this post. It will be released in Finnish as well very soon.

If you have a certain person or “hero” in mind (for one of the above categories) then please don’t hesitate to contact the SRF Team and we will try to arrange an interview to make his or her voice known to the world. Over the coming months we try to cover one category at a time so that people new to swimrun can also understand and appreciate the history and development of the sport over the last few years.

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