About us

SRF – Swimrunners Finland Ry

Founded in October 2019 we are a small and dynamic organisation determined to grow the sport of swimrun in Finland. At the moment our organisational Board of Management consists of the following people.

Thomas Schreven (Founder & Chairman) – swimrunner and triathlete, blogger, “Bobbi the builder”, life guard and father of two kids. Responsible for initiating collaboration initiatives, social media developments (i.e. website, blog and FB content), strategic partnerships, membership promotion, event ideas and training content). Achievements: 2nd and 3rd place at ÖTILLÖ (in Mixed), IRONMAN Word Championship Finisher 2011

Jasmina Glad-Schreven (Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman) – swimrunner and triathlete, qualified Athletics trainer, swimrun coach, free-lance anti-doping expert, mother of two kids. Responsible for swimrun training content and coaching, member communication in Finnish. Achievements: 2nd and 3rd place at ÖTILLÖ in Mixed, 3 time IRONMAN World Championships Finisher, AG win @ IRONMAN 70.3 European Championships 2013

Our Goals and Ambitions

A small & dynamic organisation

 SRF was founded in October 2019 and is registered as a (Ry) non-profit organisation to promote the sport of swimrun in Finland. SRF is impartial and aims to build a swimrun community by lowering the threshold for people to enter the sport.  

The role of the organisation is to educate the general public and provide a knowledge base for entry level athletes as well as experienced swimrunners.

SRF collaborates with event organisers and partners to develop and organise swimrun courses, (equipment try out) events and (group) training initiatives.  

The organisation is impartial and acts as a facilitator with the objective to built a Finnish swimrun community consisting of swimrunners, event organizers, partners, volunteers and Ambassadors of the Sport.

The idea is to gradually establish a local footprint in different places where people interact and support each other’s initiatives.  A dedicated website and social media platform ensures that the general public and SRF members have direct access to information about swimrun, events, training, equipment, rules, partners, key contacts, blog.

Our long term objective is three fold: 1) to set-up a swimrun school for the younger generation to connect to nature and sports in general and 2) have more women teams competing at a higher level. 3) have more swimrun events and initiatives in Finland organised with the help of local partners, municipalities and other clubs and NGO’s.

Swimrunners Finland is always for the look-out for active members who are are action oriented and ready to make things happen to grow the sport in Finland. Just to give a few examples of how SRF can help you and vice versa:

Are you an event organiser but you’re not sure how to promote your event? Ever thought about contacting SRF to organise a swimrun clinic or workshop to raise awareness or simply provide a group training experience? If you provide the venue and the people SRF will do the rest.

We can even provide a limited number of swimrun wetsuits for people to try out through our partners. We like to do exchange events with other clubs such as Downtown 65 Endurance based in Vantaa

Looking for a representative to promote your swimrun event? SRF can help by being present at promotion events such as Expo’s. All you have to do is provide us with marketing material such as flyers and other event info we can use to distribute. We can ask people directly to sign up for a race, local training event or simply a news letter. The possibilities are unlimited…It’s up to you.

Are you a volunteer and have good connections with the organisation of your local swim or athletics club? Contact us and perhaps we can work together to organise a swimrun event for the younger generation or regular youth training events. If there is interest the initiative can possibly grow into a SWIMRUN SCHOOL with regular training hours at a fixed or rotating location.

Are you a swimrun equipment manufacturer and you are looking for ways to reach and influence your future customers then contact us and provide us with try out samples. We can use them at SRF work shops, training events or Finnish swimrun races.

Nosht Energy is a perfect example where “Passion for all things Natural” meet the spirit of swimrun.

HEAD is an important partner for us because they provide us with demo wetsuits for specific try out events so that people can try out what it feels like to run and swim in a special swimrun wetsuit without having to commit to it straight away. Get a taste for it first and then see if you like it or not.

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