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Want to be a Swimrunner?

Guess what, it’s not so difficult to prepare for your first swimrun race for a number of reasons: 1) you can choose an event that has relatively short run and swim sections in controlled lake setting which will almost feel like you’re swimming in your local pool (surrounded by a bunch of trees). 2) The biggest hurdle for most people is the fact that they don’t consider them selves adequate swimmers. Well, there is good news for you! In a swimrun wetsuit with pull buoy and paddles it’s hard to sink. It feels like your on a surfboard….all you have to do is paddle forward. If you’re still not sure sign up to one of our workshops or equipment demo days this year and you can see for your self. Anybody can do it! It’s only the fear of the unknown that keeps you away from trying that’s all.

Swimrun Training

“Running posture, swimming drills, swamp running, uphills, gym, mobility, treadmill, cold water exposure, technical trails, island to island swims, interval work outs, dolphin kicks…” Train with a purpose and you will become a versatile Swimrunner.

Safety First. Read the attached post about SIPE. If you regularly swim in coldwater conditions for a longer period or distance without proper warm-up and a tight fitting wetsuit then there is a risk that you might experience SIPE. It feels like your lungs fill up with water and it often goes together with heavy coughing. If this ever happens, get out of the water and immediately open your wetsuit to improve blood circulation.

Swamprunning – FUN & effective STRENGTH training

Want to build strength endurance? Start swamprunning with us in Meiko national park. The beauty of swamprunning is that there is no (bounce) impact on the leg muscles compared to asphalt. Also, in order to move forward in the swamp you are forced to exagerate the running motion like running with high knees, engaging your abbs and glutes, and using your arms. In no time you will exhaust these muscle groups without braking them down or damaging them. Then, you rest and do another repetition when your HR comes down to around 100. It’s a very effective work out with lots of returns. Besides cardio and neuro vascular improvements it’s really fun to do. Running on asphalt after running on the swamp feels like running on air….so that tells you what it does to you in a nutshell…

Equipment & Set-up

An most important factor with swimrun equipment selection and race set-up is: “Experiment with different brands, models, sizes, thicknesses and materials until you find a set-up that works for you as a team”

In this section we will go through specific pieces of swimrun gear. Explain their function, how to set it up, etc.

Race preparation

“Longest run, slippery rocks, wave and current direction, equipment set-up, number of aid stations and transitions, , race pacing, prior course knowledge, tapering, mental readiness, injuries, water temperature, energy plan” Develop a pre-race check list routine – The better you prepare yourself and the more you know in advance the less surprises your will face on race day..

Scandic Siuntio Training Facilities

Useful websites for training & gear
SRF – Swimrun Workshops

“I never imagined it would be so much fun and useful to do different kinds of drills and exercises”

Jari Formin – SHT course participant (24 Dec 2019)

Focus is on improving poor technique, posture, mobility and coordination by breaking the swim and run motion down in segments. Each muscle activation has a purpose. We teach you to activate the right ones at the right time. Contact us to book an event tailor made to improve your weaknesses.

Group training events

Nowadays there are different initiatives to train together. Check out the following sites just to name a few: Meiko Swimrun FB site (hosted by Jaakko Kallio) Järvestä Järveen FB site (hosted by Krisse Vaano) Folkshälsan swimrun FB site (hosted by Mats Almqvist) in June.

video of Jari Formin in action – SHT training day at Scandic Siuntio spa 24 Dec 2019
Running drills require good sense of timing, coordination, balance and control
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