Swimrun Races in Finland 2020

May 20 – Alla olevat kisat on varmistettu järjestäjän puolesta. Muutokset mahdollisia riippuen hallituksen linjauksista.

Below are the races that are confirmed to us. Note that changes are possible depending on the instructions given by the government.

Pikonlinna   27/6

Kuopio   11/7

Strömfors   1-2/8

Järvestä Järveen   9/8

Saimaa swimrun 22/8

Åland swimrun  12-13/9

Solvalla Folkhälsan swimrun   19/9

The Finnish swimrun season kicks off on the 27th of June with two events: Pikonlinna Swimrun and Midnight Sun Swimrun. The first one being a perfect opportunity for people to “experience the spirit of swimrun” and the latter one being organised in stunning Lapland where “Adventure, midnight sun, lakes and fells await”

Then on the 11th of July is Kuopio swimrun. In the heart of Finnish summer participants will be presented with a challenge that reflects the following: “Kill the hills – Like the Lakes”

Country of Kuopio swimrun

In August there will be lots of events: Kajaani swimrun (August 1st), Strömfors swimrun (August 1-2), Järvestä Järveen (August 9th) and finally Saimaa swimrun (22nd August). All four races are completely different: Kajaani swimrun is also known as “Swimrun – The Urban Way”, whereas Strömfors is a point to point race in an amazing coastal environment: “The Escape from Svartholma”. Then Järvestä Järveen (also known as “Lake to Lake”) takes place in Luuki National Park just a stone throw away from Espoo. Finally, Saimaa swimrun takes place in “absolutely stunning lake landscape”

On the 12-13th of September Åland (sea) swimrun takes place. It’s a swimrun for people who want to experience the rough archipelago according to the motto: “Åland swimrun – Tough Enough”. Then on the 19th of September there is Folkhälsan swimrun. It’s Finland’s oldest and biggest swimrun event that takes place in and around Nuuksio National Park. Their slogan: “Amazing Nature- Tough Race” is more than true!

Note that for Åland Swimrun events Swimrunners Finland has hooked up with Race Organisers Hubbe and Ia to organise a entry level swimrun workshop event on location. More information about this can be found on the home page.

Find below a short video summarizing the different race distances of each event. Note that you can also find this information when you click on the individual event buttons.

Interested in setting up a swimrun event but not sure where to start? Get in contact with our enthusiastic organisation and learn all there is to know about about organising a swimrun event. Under development.

“A picture says more than a 1000 words” so a video should tell you a full story about the different swimrun events in Finland. Find below a list of videos for each one. Enjoy!

Saimaa Swimrun (2017 Edition)

Pikonlinna Swimrun (2019 Edition)

“Let’s work together with local communities to develop a swimrun footprint based on people.”

“New events and young swimrunners are born out of passion, sharing and sense of belonging”

Local Event Organisers are the driving force behind each swimrun. Get to know them and be inspired.

1.Pikonlinna Swimrun – Simo Hillo

2.Midnight Sun Swimrun – Jenni-Julia Saikkonen / Anu Uhotoinen

3.Kuopio Swimrun – Sampo Hyppölä

4.Kajaani Swimrun – Teemu Takalo

5.Strömfors Swimrun – Topi Lintukangas

6.Järvestä Järveen Swimrun – Krisse Vaano

7.Saimaa Swimrun – Matias Hilden

8.Åland Swimrun – Hubertus Von Frenckell

9.Folkhälsan Swimrun – Mats Almqvist

The following two race reports were produced by Thomas Schreven from Team Say No! to Doping and reflect what it was like to participate in Strömfors swimrun and Järvestä Järveen swimrun. The aim is to do all Finnish swimruns in the next few years.

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